Anna + Ashtin

Gloooooooossy skin? yes please! if you know me at all, especially professionally, I love skin. I like it to look like skin... because, surprise, it IS skin! I have taken it as my personal mission to bring this vision into the film and commercial industries. Editorial is embracing it, PRAISE. In my opinion, with the way cameras are going, things have to progress and change. Filming something in 8k is going to pick up every detail, its incredible. Whats not incredible is being able to SEE makeup on the skin. I can’t even tell you how many times i’ve been watching TV and i can see someones foundation texture like a thin little mask. Its time to change people. Lets not bake cakes on our faces! Lets celebrate being human and having this organ protecting us and holding us together. Lets learn how to even out skin tone with intentionally placed coverage and also drink lots of water.

Doing this makeup on Anna was like therapy to my epidermis loving soul. Not to mention she her company My White Flag are wonderful. I always leave her struck by her inner light and glow, so why not just bring that to the outside?

We cannot forget the insane talents of Ashtin Paige… Her photography skills are unmatched in so many ways. Not only is she a gift to the profession but she’s also a gift to women. She is a champion for empowerment and is the poster child for owning your own business and studio (Nous Art House) and celebrating women.

//We started with C.E.O Glow by Sunday Riley (let it sink it before you start)
//Complexion by RCMA
//Sculpting by Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter
//Blush Orgasm by NARS
//Eyes Loreal Infallible in Amber Rush and Stila Stay All Day Liner
//Brows Ardell Stroke a Brow and Bed Head Spiking Gel
//Hair 3/4in iron with Kevin Murphy Bedroom Spray