Stacy King is no stranger to the camera, the spotlight or the creative flow.  I have personally been inspired by her musical talents for what feels like forever, she's crazy talented.  Her project is called Sucre and you have to take a listen.  You're welcome. 

 So needless to say when my gal pal, Emily,  over at Sisters of Nature here in Nashville asked me to collab on this shoot I didn't hesitate... Here is our shoot, which was shot by the lovely Aliana Mullin on a frigid day in january.

I kept her hair textured and free, we had a magical moment with this bun... 

Her makeup was fresh faced and glowy skin, my personal favorite look, with a touch of slate on her eyes. 

then we upped the flush game.  I am a huge fan of blusher!  Every woman looks like magic with blush.  


More soon.