Stacy King is no stranger to the camera, the spotlight or the creative flow.  I have personally been inspired by her musical talents for what feels like forever, she's crazy talented.  Her project is called Sucre and you have to take a listen.  You're welcome. 

 So needless to say when my gal pal, Emily,  over at Sisters of Nature here in Nashville asked me to collab on this shoot I didn't hesitate... Here is our shoot, which was shot by the lovely Aliana Mullin on a frigid day in january.

I kept her hair textured and free, we had a magical moment with this bun... 

Her makeup was fresh faced and glowy skin, my personal favorite look, with a touch of slate on her eyes. 

then we upped the flush game.  I am a huge fan of blusher!  Every woman looks like magic with blush.  


More soon.  




There are some people who's life and light translate straight to us through the lens.  Sarah Owen is one of those people.   We did the shoot with Seth Farmer at his new studio space where the natural lighting just poured through the windows... it was just one of the magical moments we had.

Here is a balance of light.  Light from within.   The first series is full of life and color and the second is darker but filled strength and confidence.  There can be light in both.  Sarah is proof of that. 



Christyn's hair color is like a mermaid, that perfect color of phosphorecent algea that you envy.  She's actually quite mermaid like herself... Bright blue ocean colored eyes, a wonderful spirit full of equal parts love and sass and conviction as deep as the sea.   Working again with the wonderful Seth Farmer behind the lens we went for something avant garde, earthy and so magical...