Nichole Marie Lim is a Makeup Artist currently living in Nashville, TN. She specializes in Film, Editorial, Commercial and Stage work.

With over 10 years in the industry she pursues creativity on every level and is constantly trying new things and absorbing as much as she can from the world around her. She is fueled by her love of people, travel, all things nerd and how things work. She is a fan of working hard and having fun while doing it, and believes it's best to take a lot of deep breaths throughout the day because "life is great and it's important to be present."

The Whole Story:

An Ohio native, this Midwestern girl credits her warm, genuine, quirky spirit to growing up in what she affectionately calls, “the most normal place in America.”  She regularly put on plays with fellow neighborhood kids, acting as writer, director, composer, costume designer and makeup artist, showcasing her love for the many details of a performance.  

For Nichole, a fascination of fantasy, science fiction and human interaction, combined with 2 summers at the Columbus College of Art and Design, laid the perfect foundation for a life driven by a need to create.

In 2006 Nichole moved to Nashville to hone her craft while working alongside some of the city's best artists and stylists and traveling to work with renowned artists such as Kevin Murphy and Carl Reeve. 

In 2012 she went to California for one-on-one workshop training intensive with Erin Wooldridge, a Hollywood Makeup Artist, where she gained skills such as injury makeup, out-of-kit FX, hair work application, while also improving on her knowledge of commercial and editorial beauty makeup.

Nichole is currently working full time in Nashville as a freelance Makeup Artist doing Film, Editorial and Commercial work.  She has one daughter, Rowen Everest, with her husband David